How do you apply Willow?

Willow is easy to apply! Simply fill the dropper with oil and place into hand. You can start on your lower abdomen down to your vagina, legs, butt where ever you want a little nourishment! Willow is for external use but can be applied to and around the labia. 

Can i use Willow anywhere else?

Willow was created with the intention to nourish your vagina. However our oil can be used on the face, neck, hands or breasts! In fact a lot of people use it all over their body because of its amazing scent and hydrating properties! 

Can Willow be used after waxing or shaving?


Can i use Willow before sex?

Willow can absolutely be used after waxing or shaving! In fact a lot of women who use her after find a lot of relief in their skin! Willow can also help prevent infection which can occur after shaving or waxing!


You can 100% use Willow before sex! One of the most exciting benefits of Willow is it blends with your natural scent so it will not smell like perfume or different than your natural scent! Instead it will nourish and give you a little hint of something leaving you feeling sexy!